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M.F Scaffold & Inspection Limited boasts years of experience in the scaffolding industry with a solid commitment to providing excellent customer service and an unrivalled dedication to safety and quality. Our purpose is to provide our customers with complete scaffolding solutions no matter how large the job. We pride ourselves on delivering the most reliable, cost-effective and innovative scaffolding service in Stirling whilst remaining safety conscious at all times.

Our scaffolding company Stirling has worked hard to become an indispensable resource for our customers. Our specialised experience and diverse inventory of scaffold equipment mean we can design and execute scaffolding access solutions for almost any project environment.


Quality products, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service have made this long-standing independent scaffolding company Stirling the go-to for scaffolding services and solutions. With years of experience and highly qualified staff, M.F Scaffold & Inspection Limited provide scaffolding solutions that meet the legal requirements and current health and safety regulations. With only one motivation - to protect scaffold users and improve the general safety of the scaffold we are inspecting, we are the go-to company for your scaffolding requirements.

At M.F Scaffold & Inspection Limited, we are a construction industry business that specialises in scaffolding hire and scaffolding inspection services. Our erection and dismantling team of experts are all trained and competent, with years of experience and use this knowledge to build our scaffolding safely and efficiently.